24.2. – 29.4.2023

Gallery Nicola von Senger is very pleased to present the first ever solo show of 21-year-old, London based artist Maya Golyshkina. Maya is a self-portrait, performance artist, art director and set designer born in Moscow, Russia. Since her teenage years, when she was studying in art school, she has been experimenting in the field of photography. Maya began her creative professional career over the past years of ongoing pandemics.

Employing a wide range of materials and objects around her household, creating wearable structures, she shows people the new perspective of mundane objects, that could be very unusual.

In her works, she presents various parts of her personality and vision, everything from primitive things to spiritual, emotional and personal experiences. The main focus in her works is an idea rather than a visual representation; she tries on different ideas and experience them. The body also plays an essential role in her works. She presents its versatility. The body has been for her a tool to manifest against patriarchy society, fight against stereotypes of a woman’s body, show its strength. Maya reflects on herself, gaining more awareness of her character and the body while in the process of creating a piece.

In 2019, Maya Golyshkina started to collaborate with fashion brands and was presented in galleries in Russia and Europe. The first company, that noticed her was Mark Jacobs, their collaboration project released in Summer 2020. She also worked with Balenciaga, Bimba y Lola and many other brands, was published in Instyle, Vogue, Another magazine and The Face magazine, as well as participated in several exhibitions.

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